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Abdulrahman al Marzouqi

Abdulrahman al Marzouqi

Director of Policy and Programs Department, Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA), UAE

Mr Abdulrahman al Marzouqi is currently Director of Policies and Programs Department within the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA). TRA is the government body overseeing the ICT and Telecommunication sector in the UAE. His main role is to oversee digital policies on national level as well as Internet policy issues within the UAE and manage initiatives and projects that develop the digital ecosystem. His role also involves managing national policies for Trust services, Domain Name and Internet Access. He also look after Information Security development and operations within the Digital Government covering TDRA, and Federal Government sector.

He was the key person in establishing the UAE Internet Exchange (UAE-IX) with collaboration of industry players; UAE-IX is currently the largest Internet Exchange in Arab World. He oversee the transformation of Domain Name industry in the UAE from monopoly to Registry Registrar model, revamp the policy and establish world-class registry which grow up domains 600%.

Mr al Marzouqi has also been involved in development of various ICT policy and regulations within the UAE including Internet, Public Wi-Fi initiatives and policy, Over the Top (OTTs) and Internet access management regulations.

Mr al Marzouqi has also contributed toward the establishment of the UAE Computer Emergency Response Team (aeCERT) in 2007, which currently provide various Nationwide IT security services from Incident response, to awareness and security advice.
Abdulrahman has extensive experience in Domain Name System (DNS), Internet governance issues and currently serves the representative of UAE to ICANN’s Government Advisory Committee (GAC). He is the key person looking after ICANN and Domain Name public policy issues in the UAE. Abdulrahman led the introduction and successful launch of one of the world’s first non-latin domain name top level domains on the Internet (also called IDNs) .امارات (dotemarat), the country national country code. He is also a member of League of Arab States committee for Internet Matters and Steering Committee for .arab TLD.

Mr al Marzouqi also has experience in Public Key Infrastructure regulations and policies. He currently manages licensing of Certificate Services Providers (CSPs) which supports the trust framework required for e-transactions and e-commerce.

Mr al Marzouqi has previously worked with a major regional telecom operator in the UAE. He worked within the Internet Service Provider (ISP) operations and technical side. He was responsible for securing the IT assets of the ISP and mitigate the network and systems against cyber threats and attacks. He was also responsible for technical operations of IT security systems including Anti-malware, authentications systems, and internet monitoring systems.

Mr al Marzouqi has  over 18 years’ experience in telecommunication, Cybersecurity, IT, networking and Internet industry. His  areas of expertise are: Internet policy, privacy and data protection, Telecom & competition regulations, IT and cybersecurity, cybercrime laws, Domain Name System (DNS), IP networks & IPv6, IT operations, Internet exchanges, Digital transformation, Internet governance, Cloud policy, e-commerce, Trust services (Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Mr al Marzouqi has a Bachelor of Engineering (honors) in Computer Engineering (B.E.) from Khalifa University of Science and Technology, UAE. and a Masters (honors) in Engineering Management (M.E.M) from University of Wollongong Australia.


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