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Chinzorig Gonchig

Chinzorig Gonchig

Chairman and CEO, Communications Regulatory Commission of Mongolia (CRC)

As a distinguished leader in the telecommunications and ICT sector, Mr Chinzorig Gonchig brings to his role a rich history of experience and a track record of innovative accomplishments.

Starting his professional journey in 1988, Mr Gonchig served as an engineer, officer, and later, as the Head of the Transport Management Department at the Ministry of Infrastructure. He furthered his leadership credentials as the Deputy Director of the “Mongol Post” company, a position in which he enhanced financial responsibility and discipline. Through his rigorous oversight of the company’s financial operations, Mr Gonchig significantly strengthened its operational efficiency and fiscal accountability.

In 2015, Mr Gonchig rose to the role of Deputy Director of “Mongolian Telecommunication” JSC. His strategic leadership in this role was instrumental in broadening internet accessibility across Mongolia. Mr Gonchig’s concerted efforts brought internet services to 239 schools, established WiFi connectivity in 52 rural settlements, and extended internet services to an additional 207 soums. This strategic development notably enhanced digital connectivity for a significant proportion of the population across 21 provinces. Among Mr Gonchig’s groundbreaking initiatives were the transitioning of users to Next Generation Network technology and the development of state information exchange systems. These contributions have been fundamental in bridging Mongolia’s digital divide, earning Mr Gonchig widespread recognition and acclaim.

In 2018, Mr Gonchig’s leadership ascended to a new level when he was appointed Chairman and CEO of the Communications Regulatory Commission. In this high-profile role, he oversaw the approval of landmark legislation including the draft Law on Communications, the Law on Radio Waves, the Law on Post, and the Law on Broadcasting, all endorsed by the State Great Hural (Parliament of Mongolia).

As Chairman, Mr Gonchig continues to exemplify commitment to the advancement of the telecommunications sector. His areas of focus include ensuring and protecting information technology and network security, fostering a new generation e-environment, encouraging market liberalization and competition, and creating a conducive environment for price and tariff regulation. This unwavering dedication, in combination with his impressive track record, underscores Mr Gonchig’s exceptional contributions to Mongolia’s telecommunications sector.

Mr Gonchig holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mechatronics from the prestigious Mongolian University of Science and Technology-MUST ( In 2019, MUST recognized his accomplishments by bestowing him with the title of Honorary Professor. Further validating his contributions, Mr Gonchig was honored with the “Honored Operator” award by the President of Mongolia in 2021, under Presidential Decree No.13, 2021.

Through his impactful contributions, innovative leadership, and unwavering dedication, Mr Gonchig continues to shape the future of Mongolia’s telecommunications landscape.

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