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Togo aims to build internet access

The government of Togo, in an effort to ensure the provision of universal electronic communications services in the country, has adopted a draft decree that defines the rules applying to such services, notes TeleGeography. The decree is aimed at ensuring that the state can “provide all citizens, regardless of their place of residence or level of income, full access to electronic communications”. Togo is keen to improve household internet penetration rates in the tiny African nation, which according to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database languishes at 3%, compared to the regional average of around 7%, as well as driving down retail prices provided by domestic telcos. “To help realise its goals the government has issued new licences to broadband start-ups TEOLIS and GVA (Group Vivendi Africa). The former, a wholly owned Togolese venture, officially launched on 22 February 2018, with plans to extend its footprint countrywide in the second half of this year.” Currently, the newcomer’s high-speed data services are limited to the capital Lome and its environs; by 2030, Togo expects that all those with no internet at home will have access to a hotspot nearby, “that is within a 5 km range at least”. Read more

  • Thursday, 26 April 2018

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