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A new telecom/media policy agenda for the EC

Suggestions for the new Commission in an Election Year.

This talk took place on Wednesday 12th March 2014 as part of the IIC Telecommunications & Media Forum in Brussels.

  • What should the 2020 targets be for a new Commissioner?  Where should they focus and why?
  • Where should they visit? In other words, what does the rest of the world (or individual Member States) have to teach Europe?
  • What changes should they make?  do we need a fundamental rewrite of the telecoms framework, or will incremental adjustments do?
  • How should they do it?  How do they get industry, national regulators and others aligned with them?

In the Chair

  • Richard Feasey, Consultant and Associate, Frontier Economics


  • Roland Doll, Vice-President EU Affairs, Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Erzsebet Fitori, Director, ECTA - European Competitive Telecommunications Association
  • Daniel Pataki, Director General, European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association (ETNO)
  • Dr. Georg Serentschy, Managing Partner, Serentschy Advisory Services GmbH
  • Wednesday, 12 March 2014

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