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Isle of Man legislates on comms bill, appoints new CEO of regulator

The Isle of Man – the territory that lies between the UK and Ireland – is taking a new communications bill through its legislative process. The purpose of the bill is to modernise the Broadcasting Act 1993 (amended in 2007) and Telecommunications Act 1984 and replace them with a single piece of legislation. The original telecoms legislation was written prior to the internet and mobile phones and the new bill aims to take account of how technology has changed and to future proof the regulatory regime as far as possible. Similarly, the broadcasting legislation will be updated to provide for forms of broadcast that weren’t envisaged in 1993 and for the different way that media is consumed. Meanwhile the Isle of Man’s regulator, the Communications Commission, which licenses broadcasters and telecoms providers on the island, is to gain a new CEO in Ivan Kiely, who holds a senior position at ComReg, Ireland’s regulator in Ireland. He will take up his post on 2 July. The Communications Commission is also about to embark on a second round of market reviews. The first round of market reviews were published in 2012. The purpose of the review is to further assess the telecoms markets in the Isle of Man, and to evaluate current regulatory intervention. Read more

  • Monday, 25 June 2018

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