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Industry pitches for self-regulation of ads

A trade association whose members include Google, Facebook and Twitter will pitch self-regulation instead of a proposed federal law requiring more disclosure for political advertising on their online platforms, reports Bloomberg. “Prepared testimony from Randall Rothenberg, president of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, says that his group wants Congress’s support for a do-it-yourself approach ‘by which digital media companies will police their supply chains for bad actors, and provide greater transparency into who is putting what into their sites’.” Facebook executives revealed last month that accounts affiliated with Russia spent $100,000 on politically divisive ads ahead of the US election. In response, three senators have introduced a bipartisan bill to require more disclosure of online advertisers. Rothenberg said he has urged his members to “use common sense, technology systems, human oversight, and cross-industry self-regulation to police their own precincts.” But the testimony details few concrete measures. Both Google and Facebook have said they’re willing to work with lawmakers and regulators to enhance advertising transparency. Read more

  • Tuesday, 17 October 2017

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