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Realising benefits of competition

What can others learn from EU and beyond?

  • The objective of competition policy is to improve consumer welfare through efficiencies, both static and dynamic. Is there a trade-off between price and innovation?
  • How should regulators and policy-makers balance investment incentives against mandatory sharing objectives? Which works best, in what circumstances?
  • How can incumbents strategically frustrate the introduction of competition? How can their mindset be changed?
  • What impact do National Broadband Plans have on penetration and take-up? How should broadband policy be adapted to national circumstances?
  • How do we define markets and assess Significant Market Power in a world of convergence and bundled offerings?
  • Can we rely on wholesale regulation to solve all problems at retail level? Do operators deliberately make price comparisons confusing and switching difficult?

In the Chair

  • Isolde Goggin, Chairperson, Competition Authority of Ireland


  • Dr Carlos Manuel Baigorri, Head, Technical Advisory, National Telecommunication Agency Anatel, Brazil
  • Tim Cowen, Partner, Sidley Austin
  • Nancy Sundberg, Senior Programme Officer, Regulatory and Market Environment Division, Telecommunication Development Bureau, ITU


  • Thursday, 10 October 2013

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