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08.30    Registration

09.15    Welcome

09:30 SESSION 1: What inroads are being made into closing the digital divide? Delivering the demand and digital infrastructure to enable connectivity at the national and regional level

•    Quantifying the digital gap between regions and income groups
•    Difficulties in closing these gaps and possible alternatives to overcome them
•    estimations of the economic benefits of including low income population into the digital economy


11:00  Refreshments


11:30 SESSION 2: Future of content and online video in a post-convergence world

•    Implications of the changing consumption patterns of audio-visual content
•    Video-sharing platforms – definitions / regulation / monitoring
•    Quotas / prominence in a global content world
•    State aid and the future of PSBs
•    Tackling disinformation / fake news


13:00  Lunch


14:00 SESSION 3: Evolving financial, taxation and trade paradigms for the digital economy

•    What new metrics are required to assess the impact of digitization?
•    Economic incentives, new financing models, digital taxation
•    Examining the intersection of trade policy and telecom/media
•    How to create the digital single market for LatAm / Caribbean


15:30  Refreshments


14:00 SESSION 4: Consolidation, competition dynamics and market concentration - business model analysis / policy and regulatory implications

•    Network and content vertical integration – what constitutes a successful business model?
•    Killer acquisitions: how do we know when they are benign or not? What’s the impact on incentives for innovation and entrepreneurship?
•    Balancing ex ante and ex post interventions - can these tools be a one size fits all template across countries? Should ex post interventions be preferred given the speed of change?
•    Access to data: is this a barrier to competition/innovation? What can we do?


17:20  Closing of day one

18:00  Drinks reception at the Palms Hotel (pre-booking required)





friday 17 may 2019


08.30    Registration

09.00    Welcome

09:15 SESSION 5: The road to 5G – how will the LatAm / Caribbean regions keep pace? What are the realistic use cases and timelines?

•    What are the objectives and policies for 4G and 5G investment, innovation and rollout?
•    What are the short to medium term use cases for 5G in Latam and the Caribbean? 5G for smartphones versus 5G for the rest of the heterogeneous ecosystem
•    Spectrum policy – frequency availability, license length duration, renewal criteria
•    mm Wave spectrum - how much appetite from the private sector? Will this be an opportunity for new players?
•    How will near ubiquitous overage, consistent levels of quality and the industrial internet be achieved?
•    Network densification - what can federal governments do to fulfil their digital goals and align with local governments?


10:30  Refreshments


10:45 SESSION 6: Preparing for WRC-19: key considerations and questions for spectrum management, satellite, terrestrial and broadcasting services


12:00  Keynote


12:30  Lunch


13:30 SESSION 7: Cybersecurity and data governance frameworks – building a collaborative approach

•    Cybersecurity realities in a world of tension between end-to-end encryption (privacy) and security
•    Implications of GDPR for LatAm / Caribbean – is it a suitable model?
•    Data localization, cross-border data flows, bilateral mechanisms  
•    Data ownership, data rights, data sharing architectures


14:30  Refreshments


14:45 SESSION 8: Operationalising digital projects - removing barriers to deployment and closing the disconnect between political desire and reality


15:45  Closing remarks

15:50  Close of Forum


All sessions will have Spanish/English simultaneous translation to ensure maximum participation from all.
Para garantizar la activa participación de todos, todas las sesiones contarán con interpretación simultánea español/inglés.

Forum presentations are on the record but subsequent discussions are under the Chatham House Rule. *The Chatham House Rule applies to Telecommunications and Media Forum discussions. The Rule also covers tweets and other social network messages during and after the meeting.

The Chatham House Rule:

"When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed."

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