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IIC 2020 Competition for Future Leaders

Update, June 2020: Please note that some of the rules have been amended in light of the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions placed on all of us, to enable more young professionals to submit their entries.

Who are we?

The International Institute of Communications is an independent, global organisation that brings together senior policy makers from across the emerging digital ecosystem to explore and discuss the opportunities and challenges that the new environments bring.

Indeed, across the industry we work in, the rapid pace of technological change and the concurrent emergence of new user behaviours mean that policy makers face ever-evolving challenges to permit innovation, offer protection to all stakeholders (users and industry alike) and respond to political and governmental needs.

The strength and value of the IIC is to offer the opportunity to learn and share information, in an atmosphere of collaboration. This is through access, among other factors, to the IIC’s journal: Intermedia, the website, social media presence, global and regional events – all contributing to a matrix of information-sharing, relationships and influence.

What is this initiative?

Now in its third year, the Future Leaders’ Competition is widening its call for entries to reach an even wider pool of rising stars within the sector who would not normally have access to our events. It seeks to encourage and promote original thought in the areas of communications and policy.

What do you need to do?

Produce a digital report (3000-4000 words) on the topic of ‘Is it possible to breach privacy when there is no human in the loop?’

Some suggested areas that you might address are:

  • What does the theme mean to you? What are the policy issues that might be addressed?
  • What are the benefits and what might be the challenges?
  • How did your insights and your experience inform your suggested commentary? How did you develop, test, iterate and refine your concept?
  • Commercial awareness – does your answer make sense from a financial and competitive point of view?
  • Draw on relevant international examples (if applicable).

You should:

  • Demonstrate a clear point of view
  • Demonstrate awareness and understanding of contending viewpoints
  • Provide a structured, clear, and cogent position and justification for that position.

What are the rules?

The IIC 2020 Competition for Future Leaders is a competition run by the International Institute of Communications. By entering the competition, entrants agree to comply with the rules set out below.


The Competition is open to individuals aged 35 and under, working within the TMT communications sector.

Entries must be the original work of the author and previously unpublished.

Submission requirements

Only 1 submission per person may be made.

All entries must be submitted online.

The Competition opened on 6 April 2020, and the final deadline for entries is 1 September 2020 at 1600 GMT.

Please note that late submissions will not be accepted.


There is a panel of judges who will review the submissions:

  • Derek Wilding (Chair), University of Technology Sydney, Australia
  • Andrea Millwood Hargrave, IIC, UK
  • Paul Mitchell, Senior Director, Technology Policy, Microsoft Corporation
  • Lisa Felton, Head of Data, Services and Consumer Regulation, Vodafone Group
  • Sohni Kaur, Director, Strategic Engagement & Analytics, Netflix

Submissions will be evaluated on criteria including original thought and analysis. All submissions will be reviewed anonymously.

The judges may determine not to award some or all the prizes. The judges’ determinations will be final.


The overall winner will receive:

  • £250 cash prize
  • An invitation to present their winning entry at our next in-person event (subject to current advice)
    • Expenses paid to attend the next in-person event (no cash alternative)
    • £250 for subsistence while attending the next in-person event
  • Their winning entry to be promoted in our journal, on our social media channels and in email communications to our members and supporters.

The top 10 entries will be published online and the submission from the overall winner will be published in the IIC’s journal, InterMedia, which is distributed to all IIC Members and beyond.

The top 10 entries also receive a year’s complimentary Membership to the IIC Future Leaders’ Network, which includes access to the IIC’s networks and resources.

Key Dates

  • 6 April 2020 – Competition opened for submissions
  • 1 September 2020 – Final deadline for submissions by 1600 GMT
  • w/c 21 September 2020 – Winners announced
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