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Jamal Eddine Naji (Dr)

Jamal Eddine Naji (Dr)

Director General, Haute Autorité De La Communication Audiovisuelle (HACA), Morocco

Dr Jamal Eddine Naji is founder of the UNESCO chair in public and community communication in Rabat, member of the Board of UNESCO’s communication chairs network (ORBICOM), and DG of the HACA. He has held these positions during a long career as a university lecturer/ researcher in journalism and communication, strategies of communication; lobbying as regards human development in Morocco, the Maghreb and countries of the African Sahel in the fields of public health, education, professional training, the environment, human rights, governance, institutional communication and services to citizens.

Prof. Naji devised and led these strategies as an expert on a number of UN organisations: WHO, UNESCO, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNAIDS, FAO and other international, Maghreb and African non-governmental and governmental organisations.’

Dr Naji is a founding member and former member of the “Board of the Moroccan Organization of Human Right (OMDH)” (1988-1996) and other NGOs specialised in communication (in Morocco and in North Africa). Author of studies about media and public policy and strategies of international NGOs in the media landscape in Morocco, in North Africa and in the Arab world (Print press, news agency, Public Service Broadcasting, Specialised journalism, Right to information and communication, Social media and community media, ICT and social networks …), communication strategies for sustainable development, with approaches of law and gender (Health, vocational training, environment, education, heritage, women’s and children’s rights in Morocco and the North African countries).

Dr Naji was also General Coordinator of the National Debate ” Media and Society” launched in Parliament on January 28th, 2010, attested in late 2011 by two reports (Diagnosis and roadmap Recommendations) (, establishing what is collectively known today ” Le Livre Blanc des médias au Maroc”.

Dr Naji is the author of specialised books in journalism, communication and human rights including: La liberté de la presse au Maroc: Limites et perspectives (1996.OMDH/Article 19) ; Médias et journalistes: Précis de déontologie (Editions arabe et française. UNESCO 2002-2003) ; Les droits de l’homme dans la presse marocaine (Editions arabe et française. CDIFDH/PNUD/HCNUDH. 2004); Les TIC : de nouvelles opportunités pour les médias au Maghreb (Manuel -CD-pour journalistes, patrons et formateurs. UNESCO 2005; Citoyens et média, Guide pratique pour un dialogue entre citoyens et Media. UNESCO 2006, Le journalisme maghrébin au féminin.UNESCO 2007; Médias et Société Civile dans le monde arabe: Manuel de formation sur les médias communautaires. UNESCO 2008.

Dr Naji graduated with a PhD in Sciences of Information and Communication from the “Université Paris 2-Panthéon”. He also graduated from the “French Institute of Press (Former ISJ)” and “L’Institut Supérieur de l’Information et de la Communication (ISIC)” Rabat, where he was Professor/ researcher (1983-2008 ). He is a former Professor at the UQAM (Montréal.1996/1998), supervising PhD thesis in communication and media.

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