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Juliet Bodley (Julie Mango)

Juliet Bodley (Julie Mango)


Social Media Name: Julie Mango,
Legal Name: Juliet Bodley

I grew up in the Parish of Clarendon until the age of 11 and then moved to Manchester, where I spent my teenage years attending Manchester High School. During my childhood I was often audience to conversations between my dad Basil Bodley and my uncle (Hugh Bodley). These conversations were where I learned patois, dramatic expressions and slangs. My dad and my uncle were natural performers, and excellent story tellers. I would sit with them for hours just listening. Also, I learned their mannerisms and how they ran jokes with each other and spoke about their day.

During my tenure at Manchester High School, I was known as Cadet girl, but I was also known as a performer from the schools drama club “Ayaedeh” where we put on numerous plays each year, ranging from: “The Virgin Mary” to “Sam Sharpe”. It is safe to say that drama and the performing arts were instilled in me as a child and as a teenager those skills were honed by my drama teacher Ms. Juliet Colie.

At age 19,I obtained my Private Pilots License through the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force scholarship, however my heart was not into flying or becoming a pilot. I then decided to attend the University of Technology where I studied Structural Engineering and would then embark on profession of Engineering.

Throughout this journey however, the performing arts never left me. I would be in a room with people and find that I am entertaining them by just being me. I would say simple sentences and find that people are laughing because they find what I say to be funny. I naturally entertain and it was always apart of me.

After leaving Utech and worked in the engineering profession until I went to do my Master’s in Engineering Management and the Florida International University (FIU). I worked in a Jamaica for a few years after that until I got an opportunity to work overseas.
To back track a little bit, whilst I was grinding at both my career and my hobby (the performing arts) I was for a very long time plagued with challenges surrounding my mental health. I have a tell all on my Instagram which speaks to the struggles that I went through and the fact that there is hope to lead a normal life if you struggle with your mental health. This is how I got into being a mental health advocate. It mainly is just having the gusto to speak on the topic openly and unhindered and letting others know that there is nothing to be ashamed of and that there are more people who have mental health issues than we think. My aim is to discontinue the stigma associated with a person having mental health issues and to encourage the forthright treatment of mental illnesses. I also enjoy mentoring and coaching persons.

So, my Tiktok, how I started on Tiktok was during the pandemic. I was working from home and in the evenings when I was done working, there was nothing to do. I also started to miss home and miss my family. It was then, that I joined TikTok and created my first video “ How Jamaicans give praise vs how Americans give praise. It went viral. I did not expect anyone to even see it at the time I had very little followers. But it blew up, and the rest is history. I produce content every weekday and the feedback has been tremendous, and I am grateful. Hopefully I can go into acting full time if it be Gods will.

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