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Scott Beaumont

Scott Beaumont

President, Asia Pacific, Google

Scott Beaumont has been with Google for over 12 years. Prior to taking up his current role in 2019, he was the President of Google Greater China and Korea. He was formerly the Managing Director of Partnerships in Northern and Central Europe.

Mr Beaumont joined Google from his own mobile software start-up, Refresh Mobile, which he founded in 2004. The start-up’s primary product was Mobizines, an award-winning downloadable app in the days before iPhone and Android made apps mainstream. It was good fun, but the timing was – unfortunately and ultimately – a little off!

Before that, Mr Beaumont  was Executive Vice President of Business Development for T-Mobile International, where he helped establish the T-Mobile Venture Fund and managed T-Mobile’s key international strategic relationships.

Mr Beaumont spent the early years of his career as an Equity Analyst for Telecoms at HSBC James Capel, at a time that saw the advent of both the internet and mass-scale cellular technology. He remembers life before the internet and the mobile phone ….. unlike most of his current colleagues!

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