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International Regulators' Forum 2019

International Regulators' Forum 2019
7-8 October 2019

This year’s International Regulators’ Forum (the IRF, a closed meeting for regulators only) precedes the IIC’s 50th Annual Conference, a significant moment for an organisation that has retained its independence and was, arguably, the first organisation to address ‘converging communications’.

Hosted by Ofcom at the historic Skinners' Hall in London (the birthplace of the Institute) the IRF will bring together the most senior regulators from across the globe to address the issues raised by the ever-evolving communications sector, and the challenges of a digital ecosystem that requires a move from so-called ‘static regulation’ to ‘dynamic regulation’.

The meeting will address the characteristics of the current and evolving regulatory systems and the principles to ensure relevant and better regulation. One of the challenges regulators will face is how to ensure that they can maximise the benefits offered by the digital economy while mitigating the risks that may accompany some parts of it. Key issues will be addressed such as connectivity, access and affordability. Regulators must ensure they have the necessary infrastructures in place to take advantage of these opportunities for their societies and for their economies, while ensuring no adverse consequences. Many of the changes are cross-frontier and global and policymakers and regulators need to understand how the changes will affect them and their region.

While the IRF will look at the transition from the legacy structures of telecommunications and content sectors to the inclusion of technology and platforms, the Annual Conference will bring the participating regulators together with stakeholders. The open nature of the IIC events (discussion held under the Chatham House Rule) will mean that transparent, open and collegiate conversations can be had.

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