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By Rod Sims

The digital revolution, the so-called 4th industrial revolution, has been growing in influence since the middle of the last century, just about the time the IIC was established. It is appropriate to be contributing this article to an organisation that has been on the frontline of chronicling the digital communications issues that have significantly disrupted the way people live and work over the past 50 years.

While the dramatic emergence of a few dominant digital platforms over the past two decades has provided many social and economic benefits, it has also led to an increasing imbalance between these platforms, consumers and businesses, without corresponding changes in the regulatory landscape.

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That newspapers and independent journalism are taking a major hit from digital platforms is apparent, but what is the extent of the impact? ROD SIMS of Australia’s competition authority describes an inquiry that is setting a global agenda.

Intermedia Issue:
Volume 47, Issue 03
Issue Date:
October 2019
Content: innovation, regulation and markets
Asia Pacific

Volume 47, Issue 03 Features

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