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9th October 2018

Workshop: How AI is Transforming Industries and Society


IFT – Federal Institute of Telecommunications

A two-part workshop where experts led discussions looking at how AI is bringing economic and social good while highlighting the issues that policymakers are concerned about and then moving to a capacity-building session looking at promising governance approaches.

How AI is Transforming Industry and Society Workshop, October 2018 Summary Report

Chris Chapman, IIC’s President, opened this two-part workshop, where experts led discussions looking at how AI is bringing economic and social good, before moving to a capacity-building session, looking at promising governance approaches.

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Andres Maz Public Policy - Latin America, Amazon Web Services

Andres Maz’s current role is Public Policy – Latin America for Amazon Web Service.

Until March 2017, Mr Maz was Executive Director of Public Policy in Cisco’s Global Policy group where he lead Cisco’s Digitization Policy Strategy and global policy initiatives. Mr Maz played a vital role in crafting Cisco’s policy vision and strategy and he is also member of Cisco’s Latin America Senior Leadership Team.

A recognized global business and thought leader in the ICT space, Mr Maz has a strong track record in P&L management, international business, risk management, corporate finance, business development, negotiations, M&A, and strategy. Over his career, he has worked in the US, Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, and Latin America and previously worked for Verizon Business, where he focused on corporate and regulatory strategy, and M&A.

Mr Maz holds a BA in Economics, an MA in Telecommunications, and an MBA from Columbia and London Business School.

Chris Chapman President, International Institute of Communications; Director, Nihilent Australia Pty Limited

Chris Chapman was appointed President of the International Institute of Communications on 1 April 2016.

Mr Chapman previously held the position of Chairman and CEO of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). He was appointed in February 2006 and was re-appointed for a 2nd five year term in October 2010 until April 2016. He was appointed an Associate Member of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in September 2007.

Mr Chapman is a seasoned executive with experience in the media, broadcasting and film, internet, telecommunications, sports rights and infrastructure development worlds.

Before joining ACMA, Mr Chapman held a number of senior management positions with the Seven Network, Stadium Australia Management, Optus and Babcock & Brown. He has also been the Chairman of Film Australia and Sports Vision Australia, and a previous member of the National Film and Sound Archives’ Advisory Council.

Mr Chapman has a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of New South Wales and has completed the Harvard Business School AMP program.

Chris McLaughlin GTM Strategy Lead, Cloud AI/ML, Google

Chris McLaughlin leads product and go-to-market strategy for AI/ML solutions at Google Cloud. His team focuses on democratizing AI by making it easy, fast and useful for customers and partners. Previously, Chris led the Strategy and Solutions team for Chrome Enterprise at Google.

Before Google, Mr McLaughlin spent about a decade in consulting, most recently at Bain & Company, where he focused on R&D and market segment strategy for new technologies, including 5G and industrial IoT.

Mr McLaughlin holds an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley and a BA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Javier Daccarett Garcia President Commissioner, National Telecommunications Commission CONATEL, Honduras

Javier Daccarett serves as President Commissioner of CONATEL (Honduran National Telecommunications Commission), the state regulatory agency that administers and drives telecommunications in Honduras. He is a believer in providing open access to ICTs for the younger generation. As of 25 June 2015, Mr Daccarett was made President of COMTELCA (the Regional Telecommunications Commission). Mr Daccarett’s experience as an advocate has meant that, in addition to the above positions, he has been Property Commissioner at CONATEL, Executive Secretary at IP (Property Institute of Honduras), and has worked widely in law practice.

Javier Juárez Mojica Commissioner, Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT), Mexico

Javier Juárez Mojica has been a Commissioner of the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) since October 2016. He began his professional career at the Federal Telecommunications Commission, where he participated in the implementation of the number portability policy, the creation of the Basic Technical Plan of Interconnection and Interoperability, as well as in the measurement of the quality of mobile networks, among other important issues.

He is an honorary member of the Commission on Ethics in Scientific Knowledge and Technology (COMEST) of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Mr Juárez has devoted a professional career of more than 15 years to the study of telecommunications and to the promotion of innovation and competition in this sector. In particular, he is interested in advancing “The Internet We Want”, a working agenda that underlines the importance of quality internet access for people and the exercise of rights.

Mr Juárez graduated with honors in Electronics and Communications engineering, a Master in Information Technology and Administration and a Master degree with Speciality in Networks and Information Systems for Businesses, awarded by the École Nationale Supérieure de Télécommunications de Bretagne, in France.

Juan José Delgado National Technology Officer, Microsoft Mexico

Juan J. Delgado has been the national Director of Technology for Microsoft Mexico since December 2017. The main focus of his work is the development of markets with especial regard to Artificial Intelligence, public policy and the Cloud.

Before that he held a variety of positions in Microsoft Latin America and Mexico dealing with matters such as Analytics (Big Data) and Internet of Things (IoT).

Mr Delgado began his career in the industry in 1998, working at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM), HP, Sony, Informix and IBM.

An electronic systems engineer, Mr Delagado graduated from ITESM-CEM, obtained a master’s degree in administration from ITESM-CEM as well as a Certificate of Proficiency Grade “A ” from the University of Cambridge, England.

Nicole Chan Chairperson, National Communications Commission (NCC), Taiwan

Nicole Chan has expertise in the field of Science & Technology Law, Intellectual Property Law, Convergence, Internet & e-Commerce Regulation, Creative Industry Regulation and Management.

Ms Chan has served as Vice President & Director General, Science & Technology Law Institute (STLI), Institute for Information Industry. She also served as Assistant Professor in the Department of Culture & Creative Industries Management, National Taipei University of Education.

Roberto Martínez Yllescas Head of the OECD Mexico Centre

Roberto Martínez Yllescas supports the OECD to increase its relevance and impact in Mexico and Latin America, as he leads the activities of the OECD Mexico Centre. Mr Martínez Yllescas was previously Chief of Staff to Commissioner Labardini as one of the founders of Mexico´s Federal Telecommunications Institute. Prior to that he was a Senior Advisor in the Secretariat of Communications and Transport in Mexico. Mr Martínez Yllescas has over fifteen years of experience working in governmental, multilateral organisations and private sector companies as Government Affairs manager in Mexico at Intel Corp, as well as Central-Southern Regional Chief for the National Telecommunications, Electronics and IT Industry Association of Mexico. He has also been a senior consultant to the United Nations Development Programme, USAID and Mexico´s Centre for Intellectual Capital and Competitiveness.

Mr Martínez Yllescas, holds a BA in International Relations from El Colegio de México, a Master of Science degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a Master’s in Public Policy from Harvad´s J.F. Kennedy School of Government.

Workshop Itinerary- Tueday 9 October 2018

13:45 Welcome and Objectives

13:45 Registration and coffee

14:00 Welcome and Objectives:
Chris Chapman, President, International Institute of Communications

14:10 Session 1: Development, Impacts, and Policy-Making

Javier Juárez Mojica, Commissioner, IFT – Federal Institute of Telecommunications, Mexico

Ms Nicole Chan, Chairperson, National Communications Commission (NCC), Taiwan
Chris McLaughlin, GTM Strategy Lead, Cloud AI/M, Google
Andres Maz, Public Policy – Latin America, Amazon Web Services

Society, business, government, and regulators all recognise the benefits of transforming to a digital economy. Equally the speed of change means they are all trying to make sense of the technology involved, where it might be heading and what it could mean for the way we use its applications across diverse domains.

  • How is AI bringing benefits to economy and society?
  • What are key areas for consideration to minimise unintended consequences so that policy and regulation are supportive of long-term growth and ensure that the benefits of AI are distributed across society?
15:10 Session 2: Capacity Building - Ensuring Policy Makers Have the Right Tools at Their Disposal

Chris Chapman, President, International Institute of Communications

Roberto Martínez Yllescas, Head, OECD Mexico Centre
Juan José Delgado, National Technology Officer, Microsoft Mexico
Luis Fernando Garcia Muñoz, Director, Red en Defensa de los Derechos Digitales (R3D)

What are key considerations that regulators should bear in mind when formulating AI policy? This session examined promising approaches to AI governance, including collaboration and coordination to avoid a piecemeal approach which can have a chilling effect on innovation and delay bringing the advantages of digital to societies and economies. It examined the opportunities to collaborate with academia, civil society and industry as well as regulators. How best to introduce expertise into all branches and levels of policy making to enable good decision-making?

16:10 Concluding Remarks

Javier Juárez Mojica, Commissioner, IFT – Federal Institute of Telecommunications, Mexico

16:20 Close of Meeting

16:30 Transport to Sheraton Hotel

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9th October 2018
Mexico City
Mexico City, Mexico

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