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22nd July 2021 - 9:00 am

IIC/BCJ Virtual Forum: Doing Now for Then: Visioning the Next 35

Virtual Event

Thursday 22 July 2021
Time: 09:00-13:30 EST / 15:00-19:30 BST
Duration: 3.5 hours

The Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica, in partnership with the IIC, hosted a virtual forum to celebrate the Commission’s landmark 35th anniversary.

Under the theme “Doing Now for Then: Visioning the Next 35”, the forum was intended to be a forward-looking event, discussing the framework for the future of digital communications.  We explored the major theme “Media Trends (Visioning the Next 35 Years)” where we delved into areas regarding the future of Social Media; how children see media today and what they envision for the future; as well as topics around how technologies like AI can advance the industry.

Expert speakers included Chris Chapman, President, International Institute of Communications; Professor Anthony Clayton, Director, The Institute for Sustainable Development, UWI, Mona and Chairman of BCJ; Sara Lomax-Reese, CEO, WURD Radio and many more.

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This forum is open to all who would like to attend.

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Please click here for details on the programme.

Main Stage Speakers:

Open Mic Session with Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid:

Conversation about “TrueSelph” with Mr. Eldon Marks and Dr. Jason Mars:

Conversation about AI, Art, and Creativity with Ms. Kianne Patrice Hutchinson:


Andrea Millwood Hargrave Principal, Millwood Hargrave Ltd

Andrea Gita Millwood Hargrave is an independent consultant, with a keen interest in policy making and its consequences, in the converging communications environment.

Most recently the IIC’s Director of Regulatory Fora, Andrea was the IIC’s Director General from February 2009-March 2020. Andrea has published widely on media policy in an international context and has a keen interest in communications and digital literacy. An Associate of the Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy, University of Oxford, and serving as an Expert with the UK Council for Internet Safety (UKCIS), she has acted as an Expert for both the European Union and the Council of Europe, as well as working in an advisory capacity for a number of international organisations. She served as a regulator for content delivery organisations in the UK for many years.

Anthony Clayton (Prof) Director, The Institute for Sustainable Development, UWI, Mona and Chairman of Broadcasting Commission Jamaica

Professor Anthony Clayton is Chairman of the Broadcasting Commission Jamaica and has over thirty years of international experience in policy development in national security and policing, energy security, environment and resources; futures studies and scenario planning.

Professor Anthony Clayton is also the Alcan Professor of Caribbean Sustainable Development at the University of the West Indies, Visiting Professor in the School of Engineering at the University of Surrey, and Affiliated Scholar at the Institute for Public Policy at Florida International University.

He is a former Visiting Professor at the Institute for Studies of Science, Technology and Innovation at the University of Edinburgh, Adjunct Distinguished Professor of Sustainable Development at the University of Technology, and International Associate in the School of Management at the University of St Andrews. He is a Fellow of the Caribbean Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the World Academy of Sciences, and holds the Order of Distinction in the Rank of Commander.

Chris Chapman President, International Institute of Communications; Chairman, Nihilent Australia Pty Limited

Chris Chapman was appointed President of the International Institute of Communications on 1 April 2016.

Mr Chapman previously held the position of Chairman and CEO of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). He was appointed in February 2006 and was re-appointed for a 2nd five year term in October 2010 until April 2016. He was appointed an Associate Member of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in September 2007.

Mr Chapman is a seasoned executive with experience in the media, broadcasting and film, internet, telecommunications, sports rights and infrastructure development worlds.

Before joining ACMA, Mr Chapman held a number of senior management positions with the Seven Network, Stadium Australia Management, Optus and Babcock & Brown. He has also been the Chairman of Film Australia and Sports Vision Australia, and a previous member of the National Film and Sound Archives’ Advisory Council.

Mr Chapman has a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of New South Wales and has completed the Harvard Business School AMP program.

Claire Nelson (Dr) Futurist, Sustainability Engineer, Social Entrepreneur, Storyteller

Dr Claire Nelson has been actively engaged in the business of international development for more than twenty-five years. She works in the area of project development and management, with a particular focus on private sector development. A renaissance woman, she is a Development Engineer, Social Entrepreneur, and Futurist.

The first Jamaican woman to earn a Doctorate degree in an engineering discipline and the only black in her graduating class, Dr  Nelson holds Industrial Engineering Degrees from the State University of New York at Buffalo, Purdue University, and a Doctorate in Engineering Management from George Washington University. She has served on numerous boards and committees including: US Department of Commerce US/Caribbean Business Development Council Advisory Board; Black Leadership Forum; DC Caribbean Carnival Association; International Think Tank Commission on Pan-African Affairs, Office of the Prime Minister of Barbados; African-American Unity Caucus; National Democratic Institute/Carter Center Election Observer Mission to the Dominican Republic; Black Professionals in International Affairs; and the International Committee of the National Society of Black Engineers-Alumni Extension.

Daricia Wilkinson PhD Candidate in Human-Centered Computing (HCC), Google and FB Scholar, Clemson University

Daricia Wilkinson designs and evaluates usable interfaces for people. Her primary research focuses on the user experience of privacy interfaces, and recommender systems. She creates solid foundations to understand users’ needs, to deliver insightful research and effective design that acknowledges broader implications. She also has the pleasure of incorporating the aspects that make us human into the design and development of meaningful solutions.

Experienced User Experience (UX) Researcher with a demonstrated history of understanding, developing and evaluating privacy interfaces and recommender systems.

Ms Wilkinson has over 3 years experience as a User Experience (UX) Researcher and is skilled in User Research Design, Usability Testing, Prototyping, Wireframing, Quantitative and Qualitative analysis.

Ebe Kofi Senior Architect, IBM, former Chief Cloud Architect, Sinclair Broadcasting Group

Highly accomplished solution architect and experience leader in Emerging Cloud Centric Operating Model architecture design, Integration. With zero in on Distributed integration, Open Source, Service Based cross functional transformations of Next-Gen Economically Viable Hyper-Converged ecosystems. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, B2B, O-RAN, MEC, 5G/4G/4G, DAS, Satellite.

Strategically leveraging AI/ML Optimization Data Science, Business Intelligence Converged Analytics Platform to create a Predictive, event driven Zero Touch Automation in delivering performance of 5G Disruptive Network Connectivity. Designing a Compelling business use cases with clear near-term of ROI.

Specialised in building Connected AI Edge platforms supporting Multi-domain migration, modernization, monetising new services in an Economically Viable Eco Systems. Transformation of Convergence Network Economies for Neutral Host Architecture, with Disaggregated Open-RAN 5G Network, Multi-Cloud environment with Increase Trust and Transparency. Installation/configuration and management of Access and Core network elements (AMF, SMF, UPF, NRF, PCF, NSSF, BSF)

Member and contributor to 3GPP, ATSC 3.0, Open-Stack, Open-Source and Open Network architecture.

Driving Open solutions across Heterogenous Wireless Access, (4G, 5G,DAS,WIFI,ATSC 3.0, Satellite ), Data-Driven Assurance, AI/ML, Cloud-Native CDN, O-RAN Model Lifecycle.

Eldon Marks Founder & CEO V75 Inc., Guyana

Eldon Marks is a tech entrepreneur and innovator on a personal mission to create empowering environments for innovation and tech industry development in Guyana.

He has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science with a specialisation in Artificial Intelligence and has spent thirteen years as a lecturer and mentor to students of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Guyana.

While at the University, he founded a social-impact led tech community which, to date, has evolved into a for-profit conversational AI tech company (V75 Inc) with a non-profit counterpart (NeXus Hub Inc) focused on youth development through industrial training and job placement within the local tech industry.

Fayval Williams Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Jamaica

Mrs Williams is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) by profession. She has an MBA with concentration in Finance from the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania and a BA (cum laude) in Economics from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Mrs Williams was elected Member of Parliament for St. Andrew Eastern in the recent general election and was the former Executive Director of Kingston Properties Limited.

Prior to Kingston Properties, Mrs. Williams served as Chief Investment Officer of JMMB Limited from March, 2005 to September, 2007 with investment responsibilities spanning the trading department, investment research, and pensions. Also, during the period September 2002 to February 2004, Mrs Williams consulted with JMMB in the areas of market risk management and investment research where she led that company’s efforts to develop investment research capabilities. Mrs. Williams also served as the Head of the Valuation and Pricing team for JMMB’s public offering.

Jason Mars Professor of Computer Science at the University of Michigan, USA

Jason Mars is a professor of computer science at the University of Michigan where he directs Clarity Lab, one of the best places in the world to be trained in topics spanning artificial intelligence, large scale computing, and programming languages.  Mr Mars also founded a number of companies including Clinc, a record breaking cutting-edge A.I. company based in Ann Arbor Michigan where he lead the development of the world’s most advanced conversational AI. He is the bestselling author of “Breaking Bots: Inventing A New Voice In The AI Revolution” where he expresses controversial insights on the surprising progress in AI and what the future holds while deconstructing the DNA that underlies true AI innovation and disruption. The book also serves to inspire aspiring leaders to build something that can change the world and tells Jason’s personal story of comeuppance.

Mr Mars has devoted his career to solving difficult real-world problems, building some of the worlds most sophisticated scalable systems for A.I., computer vision, and natural language processing.”

Juliet Bodley (Julie Mango) Actor

Social Media Name: Julie Mango,
Legal Name: Juliet Bodley

I grew up in the Parish of Clarendon until the age of 11 and then moved to Manchester, where I spent my teenage years attending Manchester High School. During my childhood I was often audience to conversations between my dad Basil Bodley and my uncle (Hugh Bodley). These conversations were where I learned patois, dramatic expressions and slangs. My dad and my uncle were natural performers, and excellent story tellers. I would sit with them for hours just listening. Also, I learned their mannerisms and how they ran jokes with each other and spoke about their day.

During my tenure at Manchester High School, I was known as Cadet girl, but I was also known as a performer from the schools drama club “Ayaedeh” where we put on numerous plays each year, ranging from: “The Virgin Mary” to “Sam Sharpe”. It is safe to say that drama and the performing arts were instilled in me as a child and as a teenager those skills were honed by my drama teacher Ms. Juliet Colie.

At age 19,I obtained my Private Pilots License through the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force scholarship, however my heart was not into flying or becoming a pilot. I then decided to attend the University of Technology where I studied Structural Engineering and would then embark on profession of Engineering.

Throughout this journey however, the performing arts never left me. I would be in a room with people and find that I am entertaining them by just being me. I would say simple sentences and find that people are laughing because they find what I say to be funny. I naturally entertain and it was always apart of me.

After leaving Utech and worked in the engineering profession until I went to do my Master’s in Engineering Management and the Florida International University (FIU). I worked in a Jamaica for a few years after that until I got an opportunity to work overseas.
To back track a little bit, whilst I was grinding at both my career and my hobby (the performing arts) I was for a very long time plagued with challenges surrounding my mental health. I have a tell all on my Instagram which speaks to the struggles that I went through and the fact that there is hope to lead a normal life if you struggle with your mental health. This is how I got into being a mental health advocate. It mainly is just having the gusto to speak on the topic openly and unhindered and letting others know that there is nothing to be ashamed of and that there are more people who have mental health issues than we think. My aim is to discontinue the stigma associated with a person having mental health issues and to encourage the forthright treatment of mental illnesses. I also enjoy mentoring and coaching persons.

So, my Tiktok, how I started on Tiktok was during the pandemic. I was working from home and in the evenings when I was done working, there was nothing to do. I also started to miss home and miss my family. It was then, that I joined TikTok and created my first video “ How Jamaicans give praise vs how Americans give praise. It went viral. I did not expect anyone to even see it at the time I had very little followers. But it blew up, and the rest is history. I produce content every weekday and the feedback has been tremendous, and I am grateful. Hopefully I can go into acting full time if it be Gods will.

Kianne Patrice Hutchinson Photographer, Digital Artist, Wall Art Creator and Muralist

Born in Kingston, Kianne Patrice Hutchinson is a Jamaican digital artist, wall art creator, muralist, photographer, and lover of all things creative. Wanting to help people within the sphere of healthcare, she did her Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and went on to work in various capacities in the pharmaceutical industry. As a child, Kianne was given a small camera which started her along the path that would become her passion and eventually her business, KiannePatrice Kianne’s photographic journey spans animal photography (“WOOFtography”), architecture, black and white, portraiture, and fine art. An evolution into contemporary and abstract digital art has followed and she sometimes merges these pieces with her photos to create a modern and synergistic blend. Augmented reality technology is used in some of her work to bring them to life. She has been featured in local and overseas magazines where she proudly spoke of her beautiful island of Jamaica, full of artistic inspiration and vibrant people and is happy to have some of her photographic work on VOGUE Italia’s PhotoVOGUE (including being selected by the editors for coveted “Pic of the Day” and ”Best Of”). Her pieces have been included in several exhibitions, (including at the BBA Gallery in Berlin and at the Jamaica Conference Centre – “A Celebration of Photography”) and her wall-covering murals have been commissioned for residential and commercial spaces both locally and abroad. She is honoured to have her art selected for inclusion in the Jamaican Office of the Prime Minister’s 2021 calendar; she is July’s Artist of the Month. In addition to art, Kianne is also passionate about the special needs community and animal welfare.

Sara Lomax-Reese CEO, WURD Radio, USA

Sara Lomax-Reese is President and CEO of WURD Radio, LLC, Pennsylvania’s only African-American owned talk radio station. She is credited with transforming WURD Radio into a multimedia brand that provides cutting edge, original programming on air, online, and through community events. Last Fall, Ms Lomax-Reese spearheaded the launch of a new environmental justice journalism project called ecoWURD as part of the Civil digital platform. Prior to her work with WURD radio, in 1992 Ms Lomax-Reese co-founded HealthQuest: Total Wellness for Body, Mind, & Spirit, a trailblazing African-American consumer health magazine that grew from a quarterly publication to a bi-monthly with a national circulation of over 500,000.

Ms Lomax-Reese is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She has written for The Miami Herald, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Essence Magazine, and American Visions Magazine, to name a few. In 2016, Sara contributed to a book of essays, “Our Black Sons Matter,” written by Black mothers and sons. Last year, Sara presented before the Knight Commission on Trust, Media, and Democracy, writing an article about the topic.

Ms Lomax-Reese completed the Harvard Business School’s Executive Leadership program: The Business of Entertainment, Media, and Sports in 2018. This past year, she attended the Media Transformation Challenge (formerly the Sulzberger Program) at Harvard University Kennedy School. In addition, Ms Lomax-Reese sits on a variety of boards, including Arcadia University Board of Trustees, the Lenfest Institute for Journalism and Drexel University’s College of Medicine Advisory Council. Most recently, Sara was named to the Federal Communications Commission’s Broadcast Diversity and Development Working Group of the Advisory Committee on Diversity and Digital Empowerment.

Stacey N Russell Get Safe Online Ambassador, LL.B, LL.M, Journalist, Media/Comms Consultant, Barbados

Stacey Natasha Russell is a law graduate and versatile communicator with a passion for promoting awareness of cyber security, and data privacy and regulation. Her ambition is fuelled by personal data and financial loss resulting from a phishing attack that led to her password being compromised while living in England.

Ms Russell counsels a cross section of digital end users in online safety as an Ambassador for the United Kingdom-based charity, Get Safe Online. Get Safe Online continues to be a leading source of unbiased, factual and easy-to-understand information regarding online safety from 2006 to present. The organisation now has a presence in 23 countries around the world, including Barbados and Jamaica.

In her presentations, she brings to bear her experience of more than 20 years in journalism and media-communications in the Caribbean and United Kingdom, as well as her training in law.

Her personal loss to cyber crime, and the fact that this complex area of law needs to be championed to protect people from data and financial loss, as well as psychological harm keep her motivated.

Ms Russell holds a Bachelor of Social Science in Communication from the University of Guyana; a Bachelor of Laws from the University of London, and a Master of Laws in Media Law, Policy and Practice from the University of East Anglia in England.

Susan Simes TV Show Host, Kids Say & Susan Show

Susan Simes, the host of CVM TV’s Susan, has worked her way into the Jamaican consciousness comforting many and rescuing many more, all in the desire to “do good in her neighbourhood”.

Helping people is something Simes learned from her mother, Marva McLeod, whom she describes as being a big influence in her life. That spirit of giving is also a way of life for members of staff at Simber Productions, the company she formed with her late business partner, Douglas Chambers and producers of Susan. “

Terri-Karelle Reid (Dr) Youth Celebrity Influencer, TV Show Host and Motivational Speaker

Since her public debut in 2005 as Miss Jamaica World, Dr Terri-Karelle Reid has become one of the most well-loved media personalities in Jamaica. Known for her quirky combination of earthy wit and ebullience grounded in excellence, grace and elegance, Terri-Karelle has remained unapologetically authentic and unorthodox, using her multiple platforms to inspire, challenge and motivate. Though a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine – Terri-Karelle transitioned into the world of media, public relations, marketing, and management after her studies. She has worked as a PR exec with RISARC Consulting in Los Angeles; general manager of Spartan Health Club; and online brand manager of The Gleaner Company (Media) Ltd, where she was responsible for innovating successful digital marketing strategies for the oldest news media in the English-speaking Caribbean.

A powerful speaker, Terri-Karelle is a strong advocate for youth and women’s empowerment, environmentally-conscious sustainable development, and social justice. She has been an ambassador for the UNICEF’s #KeepChildrenSafe campaign, and the Office of the Children’s Registry #BreakTheSilence campaign. Terri-Karelle remains at the top of the list of sought-after hosts for corporate and public events locally and internationally. Whether it is adding zest and energy to one of the most popular TV shows in Jamaica, Digicel Rising Stars; addressing dignitaries at the most prestigious events; moderating some of the most high level panel discussions or introducing some of the world’s most powerful personalities and brands at the INMA Global Media Awards, she never fails to bring professional poise and poetic eloquence to the task at hand.

Trudy-Ann Bell Writer, Actor, Producer, Influencer

Trudy-Ann Bell is popularly known as Sister Passion, Dashouta Rhode, Penelope or formerly Melcita from the TV series Joint Tenants; Trudy is a past student of Wolmer’s Girls’ High and a graduate of UWI.

Ms Bell is a seasoned theatre practitioner and has worked with Stages Production performing in hit plays like “The Plumber” and “Ova Mi Dead Body” as well as “The Student”.  She eventually started Ignite-A-Bell Production and has written a series called Totally Discuss things as well as the script for a movie called Out of Many. Ms Bell currently has over 125,000 followers on Facebook having started posting comedic skits, some of which have gone viral.

Ms Bell is a copywriter and has worked on campaigns/written commercials for notable companies like Grace Kennedy Ltd., JPS, HEART Trust & Digicel, through her affiliation with The Lab Ltd. She has also written the 3rd season of the JPS Power Smart Energy Challenge TV series.

Ms Bell is the writer and producer of Living Dangerously, a comedic yet thought-provoking play which looks at human trafficking and domestic abuse. The play was taken on an island wide tour supported by FIWI Jamaica and funded by USAID; and was used as an effective communication tool. It also earned her a nomination by the US Embassy in Jamaica to represent Jamaica by participating in the US Department of States’ International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) under the theme ‘Promoting Social Change through the Arts’. She is now an IVLP Alumna.

Other bodies of work include:
-SChAMPAGNE Popping Stage Play (Writer/Actor/Producer)
-Son of a Witch Virtual Play (Writer/Actor/Producer)
-“The One” – Chris Martin Ft Savannah from The Appleton Estate
Heart of Ja. album (Song Co-writer).

Vashan Brown TVJ News, Chevening Scholar

A reporter, producer and news anchor at Television Jamaica, with over eight years of experience in the media industry. Vashan Brown is an award- winning journalist, who has been the producer of TVJ’s flagship current affairs programme, All Angles, for the past four years. He has also served as a director of the Press Association of Jamaica.

Mr Brown is a graduate of Northern Caribbean University and will be pursuing a Master of Science in Media, Communication and Development at London School of Economics and Political Science.

Thursday 22 July 2021

09.30–10:00 EST Registration & Networking



10:00–10:20 EST Stage: Welcome and Opening Remarks

Dr Terri-Karelle Reid, Youth Celebrity Influencer, TV Show Host and Motivational Speaker

Chris Chapman, President, International Institute of Communications

Professor Anthony Clayton, Director, The Institute for Sustainable Development, UWI, Mona and Chairman of Broadcasting Commission Jamaica

Fayval Williams, Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Jamaica

10:20–11:00 EST Stage: Media Trends (Visioning the Next 35 Years)

Ebe Kofi, Senior Architect, IBM, former Chief Cloud Architect, Sinclair Broadcasting Group

Dr Claire Nelson, Futurist, Sustainability Engineer, Social Entrepreneur, Storyteller

1100–11:45 EST Stage: Conversation #1: What ‘the Future’ Says About the Future

Susan Simes, TV Show Host, Kids Say & Susan Show

11:45–12:15 EST Stage: Conversation #2: Media Trends (Visioning the Next 35 Years)

Daricia Wilkinson, PhD Candidate in Human-Centered Computing (HCC), Google and FB Scholar, Clemson University

Stacey Russell, Get Safe Online Ambassador, LL.B, LL.M, Journalist, Media/Comms Consultant, Barbados

Sara Lomax-Reese, CEO, WURD Radio, USA

Vashan Brown, TVJ News, Chevening Scholar

12:15–12:30 EST Stage: The Future of Realism in AI and Personal Interaction

Eldon Marks, Founder & CEO V75 Inc., Guyana

12:30–13:00 EST Stage: "An evolving creative vision of the future"

Kianne Hutchinson, Photographer, Digital Artist, Wall Art Creator and Muralist

13:00–13:30 EST Sessions: Standup Comedy and Close

Juliet ‘Juliemango’ Bodley, Actor

Trudy-Ann Bell, Writer, Actor, Producer, Influencer

13:30–14:30 EST EXPO

Open Mic (Your views on the issues)

13.30–14:00 EST EXPO

Chat About ‘TrueSelph’

18:30–14:30 EST Networking

“30 Minutes of Freedom” – Speed Networking & Viewing of Expo Bootha

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22nd July 2021
9:00 am

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