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Upcoming Webinars

17th August 2020
Online Meeting IIC Australian Chapter Webinar: Countering misinformation – Asia Pacific responses and proposals
17th September 2020
Online Meeting Regulation in times of pandemic and lessons for the future: African responses – Southern Africa
9th September 2020
Online Meeting Small Nations Regulators’ Forum webinar: Evolving regulatory frameworks in times of change (Invitation only)
5th - 7th October 2020
Online Event International Regulators’ Forum 2020, hosted by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

Past Webinars

29th July 2020
Online Meeting IIC Webinar: Privacy & pandemic: The evolving privacy and data protection considerations for the telecoms, media and technology sector
22nd July 2020
Online Meeting IIC Thailand Chapter Webinar: Data Privacy in the Time of COVID-19
14th July 2020
Online Meeting IIC Italy Chapter Webinar: Competition in Digital Markets Series – Big Data, Pluralism and Fake News
8th July 2020
Online Meeting IIC Webinar – Regulation in Times of Pandemic and Lessons for the Future: A View from Asia
23rd June 2020
Online Meeting IIC Webinar: Regulation in times of Pandemic – The Cybersecurity Spike
17th June 2020
Online Meeting IIC Australia Chapter Webinar: Pandemic and privacy – the implications of contact tracing apps
11th June 2020
Online meeting IIC UK Chapter Webinar: Green growth – TMT’s contribution to net zero
9th June 2020
Online Meeting IIC US Chapter Webinar: Cybersecurity at the United Nations
28th May 2020
Online Meeting IIC Canada Chapter Webinar
27th May 2020
Online Meeting IIC Webinar: 5G & health misinformation amid COVID-19: the facts and how to communicate them
12th May 2020
Online meeting Webinar: Regulation in Times of Pandemic and Lessons for the Future: A European view
29th April 2020
Online Meeting IIC UK CHAPTER ONLINE SEMINAR: Competition in Digital Markets
17th April 2020
Online Meeting Online Seminar jointly organised with the Inter-American Development Bank – Regulatory policy as a tool in the current crisis (Members Only)

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Who should control the digital? Whose digital sovereignty?
I address these and other related questions in:
"The Fight for Digital Sovereignty: What It Is, and Why It Matters, Especially for the EU", available at
@oiioxford @oxfordethicslab

Google ends direct cooperation with Hong Kong authorities on data requests

Police use of facial recognition violates human rights, UK court rules | Ars Technica

#5G Trends: 70% of Q2 smartphones shipped in the US were made in China #Networkslicing #Edge #IIoT #Streaming #FWA #Campusnetworks #Mobile #Cellular via @MobileEurope

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